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Кандидат медицинских наук А.В. Молодецких Private Chiropractor Dr. ANDREI MOLODETSKIKH
Ph.D., Med., Moscow, Russia

Upper Cervical Chiropractic is unique to the effect that this is the narrowest specialty to handle the widest range of health problems!

Unfortunately, in Russia only very few people have the notion of Chiropractic and, in particular, of the Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic (UCSC). Even people medical professions, doctors do not know what UCSC is and how effective it is. This site was created in 2003 after a decade own UCSC practice in Moscow, which has showed what excellent results are produced by this method when applied with a variety of diseases and conditions.

Доктор М.Ю. Кейл (1939–2001)
Michael U. Kale, D.C., has made enormous contribution to the development of Chiropractic and, in particular, the Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic. I express to this wonderful professional, the teacher and the pioneer of Chiropractic in Russia, my appreciation and gratitude.


The material was provided by Dr. M. U. Kale for the Kale clinic in Russia.

"Why did I get sick?", "Is it because some mysterious virus or germ singled me out to be sick?", "Am I sick because my body has a 'low resistance' and allowed me to become susceptible to a disease process?", "What caused my body to become ill, how do I find the cause of the problem?"

The answers to these questions can be found by evaluating the underlying problem, rather than masking the symptoms on a temporary basis thus allowing the body to become sicker. The Specific Chiropractor teaches the concept of correcting the cause rather than treating or masking the effects.

We firmly believe that each and every individual should know something about their spine. This knowledge would not only give one a better understanding of one of the master creations, but would enable him to reason for himself the why and wherefore of sickness and disease within his own body.

Just as health comes from within, so does sickness. Just as sickness comes from within, so does the cure.

Do not be misled into the thought that health can be bought in a bottle or prescription. Health can only come through the natural function of one's own body when the nerve system is free from interference and the vital nerve energy can flow at all times from the brain stem (medulla oblongata) to the body.

Know more about your spine. You have within you all the faculties necessary for your continued health or restoration to health.

Time is essential. Don't go through the greater part of your life ignoring these facts and forgetting that the spine has a most vital role in sickness and health.

The upper 2 bones, or those right under the head, are held only by muscles and ligaments as there are no bony locks on these segments. These two can be moved out of their normal range through accidental means and can cause a pressure on the spinal cord. This is the cause of sickness or disease in each body – the symptoms depending entirely on which nerve tracks are squeezed or pressed interrupting the normal flow of energy or mental impulse from the brainstem (medulla oblongata) to the body.
Brain & Spinal Cord

Fortunately, through Specific Chiropractic, these bones of the spine when out of position causing "spinal cord pressure," can be adjusted or replaced to normal. This takes the pressure off the nerve tracks (brain stem [medulla oblongata]) and allows the innate (inborn) forces to work as intended. Nothing is removed from the body or anything added to it. The spine is simply in line and the body functions as it should.


This is a term applied to that condition where the top 2 bony segments of the spine become slightly displaced from their normal positions.

How is this subluxation produced? In two ways. It may be produced by a sudden wrenching or twisting of the body and retain the position which it assumes at this time for months or years, unless it meets with some concussion which returns it to the normal position. If this subluxation retains only that degree of abnormality which it originally assumed, and if it was severe enough to produce immediate symptoms, they may be designated as acute.


The other form of subluxation is that wherein the vertebra gradually alters its position, becoming more and more abnormal as time progresses and producing an increased interference which is manifested by a continually increasing abnormality in the tissue cells, disease.

Get the idea that the vertebrae are continually becoming more abnormal, and as they are doing so, greater and greater interference upon the spinal cord is being produced.

It being true that the diseased tissues are the result of impingement upon the nerve tracts, then it is equally true that the disease will become more and more severe as the impingement becomes more and more pronounced. It must also be remembered that the vertebra, as it changes position, is accommodating itself to the structures which surround it.

Posterior cervical view of a left subluxation of AtlasPosterior cervical view of a right subluxation of Atlas

The question naturally arises as to how a subluxation may occur more or less gradually. The reason is this: in the first place, a very slight subluxation is produced by the twisting or turning or wrenching to which the spine is continually subject. When this slight subluxation produces an impingement upon the spinal cord and nerve tracts supplying the muscles, or ligaments, it can have a direct effect upon the vertebrae in question, they gradually lose their tonicity, or their tone increases.

If either of these conditions occur, the muscles or ligaments on one side of the vertebrae possess less tone than on the other side. They are weak and, as a consequence, the stronger structures tend to pull the vertebrae toward their side. In many cases it is the result of weeks, months or even years of progress and accounts for the gradual development of many chronic diseases.


Dr. Palmer (1847-1913)

... Thе afternoon was hot and dusty on September 18, 1895 in Davenport, Iowa ...

Relaxing after a busy morning seeing patients, Dr. Daniel David (D.D.) Palmer (1847-1913) inquired as to how its deaf janitor, Harvey Lillard, had lost his hearing. Lillard related that 17 years earlier, while working in a cramped, looping position, something "gave" in his back, and he immediately became deaf. D.D. examined the man's spine and found what appeared to be a misaligned vertebra. "Is this the cause of the hearing loss?" he wondered. With Lillard's permission D.D. placed him face down on a bench in his study, put his hands over the misaligned vertebra, and carefully thrust along the man's spine.

Lillard got up, walked to the open window, and turned to Palmer with a smile. After 17 years he could hear again. At first D.D. thought he had discovered a cure for deafness but, as he later wrote, "Shortly after this relief from deafness, I had a case of heart trouble which was not improving. I examined the spine and found a displaced vertebra pressing against the nerves which innervate the heart. I adjusted the vertebra and gave immediate relief. Then I began to reason if two diseases, so dissimilar as deafness and heart trouble, came from impingement, a pressure on nerves, were not other diseases due to a similar cause?" Individuals with all kinds of health problems were responding to Palmer's new "hand treatments" – those with asthma, skin conditions, digestive problems, headaches, epilepsy, sciatica... the list went on and on.

Soon people were traveling far and wide to experience Dr. Palmer's new discovery. One of Palmer's early patients was Rev. Samuel Weed, a scholar who took the  Greek word for "hand", cheir, and "done by", praktos, and put them together as chiropractic, meaning, literally, "done by the hand". The word is now used as both an adjective and a noun.

Palmer began to research and refine the art, science, and philosophy of this new healing system, and founded what is now the Palmer College of Chiropractic. He is known as the "Discoverer," while his son, Bartlett Joshua (B.J.), who succeeded his father in leadership of the fledgling profession, became known as the "Developer" of chiropractic. Within a short time, doctors of chiropractic numbered in the thousands and their patients in the millions!

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     WHAT  IS  TO  BE  DONE:     


  • FIRST:   Instrumentation – Your spine is examined to locate where the trouble is.

  • Precision X-raysPresicion X-rays

  • SECOND:  Precision X-rays – X-rays are taken of your spine to see just what the trouble

  • Specific AdjustmentSpecific Adjustment

  • THIRD:   Specific Adjustment – After finding the trouble, the correction is made. Your pain will now be gone and you will feel well again.

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